I am sure you have already read part one of this series. The year was April 20th, 1999. It was just before my graduation, which as I remember it, was in May. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold kill 12 students and one teacher. There were also several homemade bombs designed to detonate in certain places to divert first responders.  

One paper reported some facts about the event like this:

The shooters who turned Columbine High School into an unspeakable landscape of carnage yesterday were members of a small clique of outcasts who always wore black trench coats and spent their entire adolescence deep inside the morose subculture of Gothic fantasy, their fellow students said.


Another paper continued:

[I]nvestigators now believe that among the dozen or so students in the group were the people responsible for yesterday’s mass shooting at the high school.


The explanation of course followed:

Students and investigators did say this to reporters. But Columbine was a large school with 2,000 students. Many “did not know [Harris and Klebold], or knew them only as kids who sometimes wore trench coats,” Langman wrote in a 2008 report.


Leading to the conclusion:

“As a result, people assumed that [Harris and Klebold] were part of the Trench Coat Mafia; this assumption is wrong.”


Furthermore, it was reported these kids were loners, but they were not.

They both had a lot of friends. They both engaged in school activities, out-of-school activities, they worked part-time jobs with some of their buddies at a pizza shop,” Langman said.
Both were in a bowling league. Harris had played on the school soccer team as a freshman and sophomore, and continued to play soccer and volleyball after school, according to the sheriff’s office report. Klebold was in a fantasy baseball league and had gone to prom with a female friend a few days before the massacre.


So, we are at a solid 0 for 2 so far on the reality describing these students.

Next in line was that it was revenge for being bullied:

In fact, Langman said, Harris’s personal writings show many “reasons” for his desire to kill: He wanted to see himself as “the law”; for sadistic pleasure; because the human race is “only worth killing”; and as revenge for being teased. Revenge was only one among many reasons. More often than not, Harris expressed a desire to kill complete strangers.
Harris and Klebold did not kill any of the students who had teased them; school shooters rarely do, Langman said. The two even said they knew that some of their friends might die in their attack.


So much for the profile of these two being right. However, annoyingly, in High School I did keep to myself, and I did sometimes wear a trench coat as I mentioned in the previous article. I did not belong to the "Goth" subculture, but I knew plenty of people that did, and many of them tried to put me into that classification. Result? A few people in the school asked me to remove my coat because of the Trench Coat Mafia. Of course, since neither of those two were in the Trench Coat Mafia, my coat had nothing to do with a proper security-motivated request. I did not know that at the time, and I declined to remove my coat. The bell for dismissing school rang, and I remember vividly the person who made the request saying something like "Saved by the bell." I suppose she had some punishment on her mind for my "Trench-Coat-wearing-ways".

The school's response to these matters was fairly weak in hindsight. At the time, Harry Byrd was the principle. We were all called to the gym to listen to this song. I suppose they thought it would give us sensitivity training or something. The irony, of course, to all these measures was that Princeton actually reportedly had ties to several mafias. One that stands out as particularly Princeton-like was the so-called "Cornbread Mafia" It would make sense to me in such a situation to raise awareness about the actual mafias that were in the town instead of the supposed ones, but I never received any school instruction on that matter from the Princeton, KY school system.

Princeton, Ky Court House

The interesting thing about all of these incidents is that there is an echoing pattern. Each incident seems to have elements of the previous incidents. Not far behind each event is a Satanic conviction of one kind or another. In the case that someone was uncertain why they did what they did, it was a prayer group they shot and not something else. Kentucky is heavily involved in the stories of the first two shootings as either a place shooters were taken, or where the shootings happened.

It is an odd thing, however, to note that in each instance these problems have still not been resolved and continue to occur. If I were a paranoid person, I might conclude that there was some inner conspiracy set up to frame me as though I were a school-shooter. Since I was not from Princeton for all that long at that point, it would be easy to blame a relative "outsider".

A more prosaic explanation however, is the more troubling one. There appears to be an institutionalized Satanism that goes unchecked. Indeed, in the first Pearl shooting, President Bill Clinton gives praise to one of the victims for donating her organs. Really? How about "You should still have your organs and be alive and as President I am gonna make that happen?"