I, (Joe Bill Schirtzinger for posterity's sake) identify spiritually as Messianic Jewish. Really, that is not how I identify, but that is the label people understand. What I really identify as is more Messianic Native Israel. Nobody knows what that means, and usually when I try to explain it to them, I get about midway through explication and they are lost. Think of Native Americans. Got it? Good. Now think of Jewish people. Got that? Excellent. Now, mix them both together in a dependence on nature that does not exclude magick or shamanic practices. Confused? Yep. That is where I lose most folks.

"You cannot do that and be Christian!" Typically, this is what I hear first. Of course, if you followed the above, you will notice I never said I was a Christian. Christians use the name Jesus, whereas I do not believe that is a proper rendition of the name and that this actually CAN make a difference. Yahshuah is closer to right in my way of seeing things.

"Fine, you cannot do magick and be a follower of that guy in the Bible!" Really? What did that guy in the Bible do? He did miracles, right? What is being prevented Biblically and is being confused for most people is that you cannot do sorcery. The very simple difference between sorcery and magick I will illustrate.

A popular Youtuber who claims to be Messianic is Johnathan Kleck. Here is his site for reference. Johnathan claims to have had some extreme experiences that have led him to an understanding. I believe that. He also claims to be a messenger in the service of YHVH. I believe that he does have a message, and he does have a gift. However, where things get interesting for Mr. Kleck, in my view, is that he seems to believe he is the only one with gifts or a message from YHVH. His ministry then focuses on HIS message and HIS platform. Let us not neglect to mention that previous to these experiences he was fairly wealthy which is something that he often reminds his viewers.

Johnathan's Former Life?

Johnathan then, lifts himself up as being given this "special ministry" and that only "his gifts" can be used to describe the world around us with any lucidity. He often does videos on whatever Satanic theme is present in the mass mind. The problem, of course, is one can ask at a certain point, so what? So you can see those things, what are you doing about it? In Johnathan's world the answer is "He makes videos that uplift his gifts at the expense of everyone else's." This has created a "cult of personality" since no one else can come to the ballpark with Johnathan and hit a few balls. Remember, the only heavy hitter in baseball is Johnathan. Nobody else, when they step up to the plate, can see the ball.

This, then, is the definition of sorcery. Why? Because in this situation, Johnathan is establishing his talent as "the talent" and most often attacks anyone else who does not fit his definition of "talent". While it is true the fruits must be tested for anyone, one can never get that far with him. Why? Because he already denounces anyone else and what they have to say before they get a chance to say it.

Magick, then, does not do this. A loose definition might be "art". We do art everyday. We just are not always aware that we have done it. We might do it for money, pleasure, or survival or some combination of all the above, but we have done something that is not totally a rational process designed to bring about some sort of movement, or reaction, or response. Yahshuah did the same thing at a massive level. The outcome of the art he did was to open the way in the highest possible way to the will of the Father. He did this through fulfillment of scripture and by undergoing a passion play that was deadly. He did it in the end because he loved Israel and the will of the Father more than he loved service to himself.

If then one is to follow that example, one must be willing to do what was done. The rich man was told to sell all his possessions and follow Yahshuah. This, of course, he did not want to do and did not do. I do not know whether Johnathan has been asked to do this, or has done it. I do, however, know that once one starts traveling down the path of Yahshuah, they better love Israel more than themselves. If they fail to do this and begin to disparage the gifts of their brothers and sisters or deny them in the service to self in some way, they run afoul of the name of the one they claim to follow. They will have to answer to Him first.